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Tall Ships Tour 

Don't miss out on the rare viewing of the Tall Ships coming to Boston! Our tours will take you along the inner harbor to view these majestic vessels as they gather here in Boston for what will be a spectacular site.


All our tours cater to smaller groups that allow for a more personalized experience.


Tours go out with groups of 10 to 40, and will give you awesome views and a unique perspective of the harbor and Tall Ships that the larger more crowded vessels simply can't provide.


Should you desire an even more personal trip, please contact us to Charter an entire vessel for your crew for this tour, We can accommodate private groups from 10-40 on our varying vessels and would love to discuss further with you. 617-261-6620

Tickets are $35 for adults $20 for children under 12.



Get Tickets for Tall Ships Tours in Boston

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